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The Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

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What is included in the Premium Teeth Whitening Kit?

How many shades whiter teeth can I get when using The Premium Teeth Whitening Kit?

How do I use the kit?

After how many applications do I see results?

Will I get sensitive teeth after using the kit?

Can the kit cause damage to my teeth?

How does the Whitening Gel work?

How much Whitening Gel should I use?

Is the LED activator harmful?

What is the use of the LED activator?

Can I use Clout White while pregnant?

Can I use the kit if I have a retainer?

Can I share my kit with my friends or partner?

What is the expiration date of my Whitening Gel?

What is the difference between Clout White and all other teeth whitening sets on the market?

Shipping & Billing

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What shipping methods do you use?

What are the shipping costs?

What are the shipping time frames?

Can I track my package by using a track & trace code?

Which payment methods are available?

Product Plans

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How does the product plans work?

Can I change my subscription?

How can I cancel my account?

30 days money back guarantee

How does the money back guarantee work?

30 days money back guarantee